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A Vehicular Crossroad

Rachel’s car has finally hit that point. The point at which we need to choose to keep it till it falls apart or get rid of it now.  For the second time in the roughly 60,000 miles that we’ve owned it, it needs a head gasket.  The car is a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu with a … Continue reading »

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House Insurance Sucks

Our experience with insurance companies of all kinds is horrible.  We’ve had the absolute worst luck although We’ve never really written about it here in detail before.  Our car insurance has been canceled several times (for reasons beyond our control) and our house insurance is expensive because of a few punk kids in Fairport and … Continue reading »

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Don't Replace It

I’ve been seeing these ads a lot lately.  They sort of drive me nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping the environment, But ads like these make people think they should replace their old plastic water bottles with new environmental friendly water bottles. You know what helps the environment?  NOT buying products you … Continue reading »

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Municipal Failure

A few weeks ago I took my Father to lunch at Donnelly’s. We had some great food and beer and shared a few laughs. When we got back out to the parking lot we discovered that someone had hit Rachel’s car and had done a decent amount of damage. Nothing left for us to identify … Continue reading »

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A big red truck for A big old Canton softy

So my dad finally decided to retire and it’s a good thing too. He’s been bugging all of us with his proclamations of retirement to hunt with his brethren for months now. He got a pretty good early retirement package from EDS and figured he should take it. I’m happy for him. Retirement is an … Continue reading »

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