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Our First Christmas Tree Timelapse

We might have a new tradition. While we decorated the tree this past Monday I setup the camera and had it take a shot every 5 seconds. Threw it together in a timelapse video and it didn’t come out half bad.  My favorite parts are the few times you can see the little monster jumping … Continue reading »

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My Wife Rules

It was her idea to watch all 6 Star Wars movies in sequence and so we did that recently. Well, we watched the first 3 (chronologically) one day and the last 3 a few days later. It was interesting as I’d never watched them in sequence like that, and I hadn’t watched the new ones … Continue reading »

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I Love Nuts and Bolts

Seriously, I do. You’re probably thinking: That’s really wierd it’s not what you think. “Nuts and Bolts” is the name given to a snack that I ate while growing up.  It’s really just Trail Mix, but a special recipe.  It’s a secret family recipe which my aunt spent years perfecting (or so the story goes).  … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas 2.0!

Merry Christmas! We’ve done Christmas a little bit different this year. Hours spent in the malls: 0 Hours spent online shopping: 0 Sorry, we can’t give it away just yet though… By this time everyone should have heard our request for memories for grandma.  Everyone wants to know what our gift was, and so rather … Continue reading »

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A Very Memory Christmas for Grandma

If you’re part of the Masten/Kerber family you’ve probably already seen this note from Rachel but duplicating it here just means more people might see it. We have something special planned for Grandma this Christmas and we need your help. We are looking for memories that you have of Grandma. It can be a funny … Continue reading »

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