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The Camp Chair

Every home needs a Camp Chair whether it’s your primary residence, vacation home, RV or your cabin in the woods. The camp chair should be warm, cozy, well loved, big, green and a tiny bit of smell doesn’t hurt either. It should immediately make you sleepy, or at least make you contemplate a nap. It … Continue reading »

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Falling Brook – Moving In

Wow! Last weekend was an insanely hectic few days.� Not only was our daughter Delilah born but we also moved into a new house.� We’re finally settling back into normalcy, well… as normal as it can be with a 1week old baby and a new house. Even though we had to move the closing date … Continue reading »

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The Rental vs Ownership Lifestyle Choice

Authors Note: This post is in response to Mint’s latest article The Renter’s Manifesto which makes a pretty good argument for renting Some people like to say Renting is throwing your money away.  At the end of your lease you have nothing to show for it. I’m sorry, but I need to disagree.  Not only … Continue reading »

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Felix the Rabbit

Our yard seems to be a breeding ground this spring. We’ve had everything from baby robins to baby rabbits. The baby robins showed up last weekend (completely expected, their nest has been in our garage for a few weeks/months now). Had I noticed the nest getting built It wouldn’t have lasted long (birds cause a … Continue reading »

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