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Alaska in 1999

I let everyone know a while ago that my parents took a trip to Alaska last summer. What I didn’t tell you is my dad was already there. Back in 1999 on our way to Mount Rushmore, my father decided to take a little detour and ended up in Alaska. Kind of a long detour, … Continue reading »

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Life In The Country

My parents are off on another adventure. This time they’re in Florida. I wonder if this will become a recurring theme now that my Father is retired? My mother claims that she’s going to work forever just for the health insurance benefits she gets through Wegmans so maybe not. I can’t imagine she’ll hold out … Continue reading »

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Adventure must start with running away from home

This morning I woke up before dawn to take my parents to the airport for their first trip together ever. I know that sounds strange but you have to understand, They have three only children. They’ve basically been raising kids for the past 40+ years. Every vacation they’ve taken has been either with or for … Continue reading »

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