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A Dangerous Thing to do

As we look back on the years we’ve all said the phrase “man I was dumb” or “what was I thinking?” This one tops the cake, but it happened a long time ago so don’t worry, it’s just a tale of what could have been and almost was. It was July 25th, the weekend of … Continue reading »

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Protest in Rochester NY Erupts in Violence

Those who make peaceful revolution protest impossible, make violent revolution protest inevitable ~JFK I’m not sure how I missed this but it seems last Wednesday October 7th there was a protest by the Students for a Democratic Society in Downtown Rochester NY that ended in a lot of violence and brutality. If you read section … Continue reading »

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Municipal Failure

A few weeks ago I took my Father to lunch at Donnelly’s. We had some great food and beer and shared a few laughs. When we got back out to the parking lot we discovered that someone had hit Rachel’s car and had done a decent amount of damage. Nothing left for us to identify … Continue reading »

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Your Tax Dollars At Work

If you ever wondered what the Rochester Mounted Police are for, now we have our answer. Glorified pooper scoopers.

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Snowmobile Tickets and Skylines

Today was bright and sunny too. They sky was so clear we had to go up Littl Blue Mountain(edit: the previous link was wrong and linked to little blue not littl blue) again. We did and there were actually other people at the top! Some guys were fiddling with a broken down 2007 Yamaha and … Continue reading »

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